The suggestions contain a wide variety of competing offers.

We have been cooperating with UNIGLOBE TM Travel for over 5 years. Our trustfulness in their ability is rooted in the transparency of their work quality and, their innovative culture that enable them to provide us with competitive pricing at moments of requests and exchange valuable information and relevant experiences. This enables our passengers to always make the best choice. Their suggestions contain various competitive offers considering the nearby airports and allow our people’s safety and convenience.


We have been working with UNIGLOBE TM Travel for many years now and enjoy the benefits of accessing statistics and reporting of our travels online. We are highly pleased with their expertise, quality and reliability.

UNIGLOBE TM Travel makes it easy for us to access current information at all times.


UNIGLOBE TM Travel offers for flights, hotels and rental cars reach us within a few minutes.

Our recently established cooperation with UNIGLOBE TM Travel implicated plenty of positive changes for us in terms of providing us with professional services during the whole travel of our people.


Why do we cooperate with UNIGLOBE TM Travel?

It is crystal clear!

UNIGLOBE TM Travel is reliable; prompt and attentive to our needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week; and also friendly and empathic! They possess all the qualities that are very important to us.

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